Ford Mureș and 112 Coffee: The perfect combination between Elegance and specialty coffee

In a remarkable alliance, Ford Mureș and 112 Coffee come together to offer a very special experience. The two brands, renowned for their passion for detail and quality, bring together the elegance of Ford cars and the refined flavors of specialty coffee. Discover in this article how Ford Mureș and 112 Coffee transformed a simple collaboration into an adventure of refinement and memorable experiences.

Ford Mureș - Elegance and Performance at the Wheel

Ford Mureș, a brand presence in the automotive industry, impresses with its iconic models and state-of-the-art technology. From compact and elegant cars to SUVs and premium cars, Ford Mureș offers vehicles that combine sophisticated design with top performance. With a long history and continuous innovations, Ford Mures attracts lovers of elegance and quality.

112 Coffee - A Story with Flavors and Tradition

In the specialty coffee universe, 112 Coffee brings a distinctive touch and an undeniable passion. This renowned coffee roastery and cafe combines the talent of dedicated baristas with the finest coffees of origin, selected from local and international farms. A variety of subtle aromas, from Panamanian coffee to Kenyan coffee, create a symphony of tastes for coffee lovers.

Ford Mureș and 112 Coffee - Collaboration of Elegance and Aroma

The collaboration between Ford Mureș and 112 Coffee brings together two worlds, each with its own story and passion. Thus, Ford Mureș customers will be able to enjoy a specialty coffee in the Ford Mureș showroom, while discovering the refinement and performance of Ford cars. Also, 112 Coffee customers will be surprised with exclusive experiences, having the opportunity to explore the world of Ford cars and choosing an authentic and sophisticated lifestyle.

Memorable Experiences and Innovative Events

This collaboration is not only limited to the presentation of products in the showroom and cafe. Ford Mureș and 112 Coffee have prepared innovative events and memorable experiences, bringing people closer to the world of coffee and automotive elegance.

From inviting coffee-flavored test drives to exclusive launch events, the collaboration between Ford Mureș and 112 Coffee promises to be a journey full of passion, refinement and joy for every participant.


Ford Mureș and 112 Coffee manage to bring together car elegance and passion for coffee, offering customers a very special experience. Every cup of coffee and every Ford model thus becomes part of a common story, where elegance, passion and quality intertwine in a perfect dance.

Discover the universe of Ford Mureș and 112 Coffee and enjoy authentic and memorable experiences that will stay in your soul and bring smiles to your faces.